Who am I and why am I here?

For a few years now I have been itching to get into the crazy world of blogging.  So recently (towards the end of 2014) I did just that. I decided to make this transition due to the fact that I have a passion for many areas in the software development world. Things like culture with people and their interactions and how we effectively work together using the various tools and processes available for ALM. The many areas in application development, such as desktop, mobile, web an IoT. The safety net we build around these apps in all areas of testing and how that helps us on our Continuous Delivery journey and the affect these apps can have on Ops in deployments and infrastructure management.

Being passionate in a multitude of areas is awesome, I love it. But I also want to help myself realise what is it, I am most passionate about, what do I write more about. Perhaps that will help me realise my niche, or help discover a possible niche that I am most passionate about, something I can give back to the community. This blog and my future blog topics will be my enabler on this journey.

Towards the end of 2014 I started blogging on the company I work for Bookatables tech blog, this has been great in helping me get started. I will continue to blog there but I’ll also be posting my entries here.

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